The Dreis Families of Lorch & Lorchhausen


Local Context

Geography of Lorch and Lorchhausen
Lorch on the Internet


The Lorch Dreis Family in the 18th century
The Lorchhausen Dreis Family in the 18th century
From the Lorch Parish Register
From the Lorchhausen Parish Register
The Emigrants
The Life of Balthasar Dreis
Children and Grandchildren of Balthasar Dreis
The Life of Andreas Dreis
The Ancestors of Andreas and Wilhelm
Further research in Germany on this line
The Life of Anna Maria Hübinger
Anna Maria's antecedents in Germany
Further research on the Hübinger Family
Children and Grandchildren of Andreas Dreis
Anne Bourke: a Photograph
The Life of Wilhelm Dreis
Wilhelm Dreis Grandchildren
Which William was Which?
The Life of Kaspar Joseph Dreis
Children of Kaspar Joseph Dreis
The Life of Kaspar Dreis of Parramatta
Children of Kaspar Dreis
Christian Dreis of Lorch

Dreis on the Internet

Dreis Family Links
Library: Certificates Available
Service in Two World Wars

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