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The Dreis of Lorch Mailing List

A mail list on Yahoo Groups is dedicated to Australian Dreis families with Rheingau origins. Those who already have a Yahoo identity can request membership there. Otherwise, to join the list without becoming a Yahoo member, write to Jean-Baptiste Piggin. We exchange tips and ideas dealing with the Dreis families of Lorch and Lorchhausen and their descendants around the world. Sorry, but we don't discuss Dreis families from other areas of Germany or the Netherlands.

Australian Sites

Tony Dreise's Family History Page

Kasper William Dreis and Mary Young figure in this family history website.

Chris Wright's Family History Site contains a fragment of Dreis ancestry stretching from 1717 to 1806 in Lorch.

American Sites

The Dreese Mailing List - Registration: this list deals mainly with U.S. descendants of Dutch immigrants with the name Dreis or something close to it. There is no evidence that the family in the Netherlands was connected to Lorch.
Archive of the Dreese Family Genealogy Forum: related to the above. Questions about the Lorch Dreis families have been put to this group, but there have been few answers.
Sidney Dreese's Pennsylvania German Ancestors: unfortunately he does not appear to have established where in Germany they came from.

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