Children of Kaspar Dreis

Descendants of
Kaspar DREIS of Lorch
born 3/1/1819 Lorch
married Elizabeth Testadt (1829-1908/12/30) in Germany
they arrived Sydney 18/12/1854 aboard the Singapore
he died 1894 Fairfield NSW
one death certificate suggests there was an additional child, Ferdinand, born about 1861
I. Hannah Mary Eliza
* 1854 Parramatta
+ 1875/08/23 Parramatta
II. Emma Mary Dreis
* 1855 Parramatta
+ year of death unknown
William A. M. Tries
* 1877 (mother Emma Tries)
reg. no. 4655 at Newtown (see Paterson Big Index)
III. Anna Maria Dreis
* 1856 Parramatta
% Samuel Mahalin 1880 Parramatta
+ year of death unknown
Stanley K.S.
* 1889
IV. Katherine Dreis
* 1860/08/21 Woodville nr Parramatta
+ 1920/05/19 Parramatta
V. Henry Dreis
* 1865 Parramatta
% Emily Ettinger (1868-1953), no children (The Ettinger family were also from the Rheingau.)
+ 1927/04/16 Fairfield (Canley Vale)
VI. James George Dreis
* 1873 Parramatta
+ 1928/09/09 Liverpool

Based on information kindly supplied by Maureen Crawley in 2000 and by Margaret Taylor in 2002. Margaret also supplied the following 1953 obituary, from a clipping passed her by a relative now deceased. The newspaper and date have yet to be established.

Obituary: Mrs Emily Dreis

One of the oldest identities of Fairfield district. Mrs Emily Dreis passed away after a short illness on Saturday, January 19, at The Hospice, Darlinghurst. The late Mrs Dreis, who recently resided at John Street, Cabramatta, was aged 84 years. She had lived for many years in the home "Ferndale House," Fairfield Street, Fairfield. Where her husband (the late Henry Dreis) pioneered the vineyard industry. Mr Dreis predeceased his wife about 25 years ago. The vineyard was later carried on by Mr J. Asimus and Mr. C Laraghy. The property was recently bought for the erection there on of a Catholic school for boys.

The subject of this notice was very well known by the early settlers of the district for her generous and charitable nature. She was a devout Catholic, having given practical assistance to the development of the church in this and other districts. She is the second last of her generation of the Ettinger family to pass to their reward. The one remaining, is Anne, who is 86 years of age, and lives in Texas, U.S.A.

The funeral, which was well attended, moved off from Cabramatta Catholic Church to Rookwood Cemetery. The grave No is 336 Section 7.

* ... born
~ ... baptised
% ... married
/ ... common law partner
# ... living at
+ ... died

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