The Life of Kaspar Dreis of Parramatta


He was the son of Heinrich & Elisabeth Dreis of Lorch

His younger brothers were:
Philipp Dreis born 20/5/1821 Lorch
Josef Dreis born 15/10/1823 Lorch

The following information has been kindly provided by Jenny Paterson from her Big Index.

DREIS, Caspar is listed as departing 1854 on the Singapore from Hamburg bound for Sydney.
His occupation was given as "Landmann" (farmer) in the embarkation list (Kopittke transcription];
His place of origin is given as Lorch, Württemberg (wrong state), with wife Elise but no children at embarkation.

No information was recorded on him at Sydney because he was unassisted.

Note: there was another Caspar Dreis on this ship, Caspar Joseph Dreis, who emigrated from Lorch with his family and who appears to be listed as J. J. Dreis on the Hamburg list. It is difficult to be sure of who was who in this and subsequent records.

Spelling variants noted by Paterson in records and indexes: Dreiss, Dries(s), Drice, Drise, Druis, Drees, Draes, Driss, Dress, Dryes, Drys, Decis, Treis, Tries, Tress, Thrice, Tryes, Troyce

NOT listed in Wolf-Heino Struck's Die Auswanderung aus dem Herzogtum Nassau unless as part of the family accompanying Kaspar Joseph Dreis.

His naturalization was obtained 1880 May 6. The documentation states:
Name: Kaspar Dreis
Age: 60
Occupation: vinedresser
Origin: Germany
Ship: Singapore 1854
Residence: not stated at this time
From Volume 6, page 396, information from Jenny Paterson

See The Parramatta Cemeteries: St. Patrick's, by Judith Dunn, 1988: p.71, 72
Section E row 9 nos.10, 11, 12
Elizabeth Dreis d. 30 Dec 1908 aged 80 yrs
Hanna Mary Eliza Dreis d. 23 Aug 1875 aged 2l yrs; erected by Caspar & Elizabeth Dreis in memory of their daughter Catherine Dreis, sister of above d. 19 May 1920 aged 59 yrs
Kaspar Dreis d. 26 Oct 1891 aged 75 yrs 9mths [b. Jan 1816?)
George James Dreis, youngest son of above d. 9 Sep 1928 aged 56 yrs

The above death date conflicts with the NSW death record for Kaspar Dreis: 11005/1894 indicates a death year of 1894, three years later!

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