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The Unofficial Lorch Home Page with a map, pictures and statistics and some frank observations by author Harald Schott about the snooty local vineyards. The German version is longer and contains good links if you want to see some photographs of the local sights. There is a separate website devoted to Lorchhausen, complete with pictures, at

Colour pictures found by Maureen Crawley showing the town of Lorch.

For an excellent compilation of key documents dealing with Rheingau genealogy in general, try Norbert Michel's German-language website, This contains not only a full transcript of the 1665 list of citizens (including Peter Dreys of Lorchhausen), but also an enhanced version of Wolf-Heino Struck's major list of emigrants with our bold pioneers included. The list has been cross-annotated with other archival sources, making it the definitive information source on Rheingau-Australia migration.

To get your bearings, try the Rheingau Map (suggested by Norbert Michel).

Useful for the places of settlement in Australia: an online New South Wales Map. See also the History of Singleton for more information on St. Patrick's Plain, where part of the family settled.

For the Australian shipping lists search either the Sydney and Newcastle or the Melbourne database.

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