The Lorch Dreis Family

Descendants of
born 24/8/1793 Lorch
married MARIA ANNA DREIS on 14/12/1813 at Lorch
(She was born 21/8/1790 Lorch and died 27/11/1860 Lorch)
he died 12/11/1864 Lorch
1) Clara Maria Dreis
b 13/11/1813 Lorch Germany
m Peter Herrmann (1813-1896)
arr in Australia 1855 ?Cateaux Wattel?
d 1877 St George Maitland East
2) Catharina Dreis
b 7/11/1815 Lorch
d 12/2/1866 Lorch
3) Balthasar Joseph DREIS
b 22 Jun 1818 Lorch
4) Philip DREIS
b 3 July 1821 Lorch
d 12/12/1882 Gosseber Belgium
5) Kaspar Joseph DREIS
b 18/7/1823 Lorch Germany
m Magdalena FUCHS (1825/12/03 (Lorch) - 1854/1855) 07/04/1850 in Lorch
arr. in Australia 19/12/1854 aboard the Singapore
d 16/6/1880 Cooks River
6) Franz Joseph DREIS
b 9/2/1826 Lorch
7) Barbara Dreis
b/d 5/6/1828 Lorch
8) Michael Dreis
b/d 5/6/1828 Lorch
9) Christian Dreis
b 22/7/1830
d 14/8/1830 Lorch
10) Peter Joseph Dreis
b 22/7/1830
d 6/8/1830 Lorch
11) Frederich DREIS
b 7/8/1832 Lorch

Descendants of
Heinrich & Elisabeth Dreis of Lorch
1. Kaspar Dreis of Parramatta
2. Philipp Dreis
born 1821/05/20 Lorch
3. Josef Dreis
born 1823/10/15 Lorchy
His marriage and descent are detailed by Karlheinz Kienle in the Ketzer genealogy on his website at

Charts kindly supplied by Maureen Crawley in 2000.

Descendants of
Kaspar DRAYS
born about 1710
married about 1738 to Anna Catharina ---
date of death unknown
1. Elisabetha Maria DREIS
* about 1741
% Peter BECKER, 15 November 1769, Lorch
+ before 1800
2. Friedrich DRAIS
~ 1 February 1746 in Lorch
(Baptismal sponsor: "Fridericus DRAIS")
3. Magdalena DRAYS
* about 1750
% Heinrich Kaspar BECKER, 1 November 1776 Lorch
+ unknown

Chart kindly supplied by Nancy Podella,

* ... born
~ ... baptised
% ... married
# ... living at
+ ... died

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